For Lease and Sale

Dream Come True Farm offers horses for sale or lease. Before we sell or lease any horse, we make sure that the horse and rider are suitable for each other. We focus primarily on the horse’s disposition, as well as the abilities of both the horse and rider and how they interact.

We have successfully matched many horses and riders over the years and would be happy to assist you in doing the same. For more information on Leasing or Purchasing a horse, please contact Concetta on (631) 325 3384 or (631) 495 6658.

Leasing a Horse

Leasing a horse gives you the benefit of exclusive time for you both to get to know each other better, without the responsibility for the maintenance costs. Leasing enables you to ride your horse whenever you want, either on the 30 acres of Dream Come True Farm, or with direct access to the Pine Barrens, you can go trail riding in thousands of acres of protected land. We take care of the feeding, boarding, and veterinary expenses for you.

There are three options for leasing:

Lease Duration Use Cost
Full Lease 1 Month Exclusive $2,000
Half Lease 1 Month 3 Days A Week $1,000
Day Lease 1 Day 1 Day $100